Vision, Mission, and Values

To exceed the highest academic expectations for comprehensive, metropolitan universities.

Indiana University South Bend is the comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate campus that serves North Central Indiana and is a regional campus of Indiana University. The campus values excellence in teaching, student-faculty interaction, research and creative activity, diversity and inclusivity, a global perspective, and collaboration in life-long learning. IU South Bend develops engaged citizens prepared to build strong communities.

Approved by the IU Board of Trustees
February 2010

We value education as essential to democracy and the quality of life; we value open and free inquiry; we value academic freedom and an unfettered exchange of ideas in a spirit of shared governance; we value self-directed learning and independent thought; we value collaborative learning between professor and student; we value pluralism and diversity in all its manifestations; we value education that leads to appreciation of and participation in the arts; we value life-long learning; and we value civic engagement, global awareness, and environmental sustainability.

Student Programs