Vision, Mission, and Values

Indiana University South Bend will be recognized as the area’s best-choice comprehensive public university with a strong reputation as a difference-maker in our state, nation, and global community.

Indiana University South Bend is this area’s premier comprehensive public university dedicated to serving the needs of North Central Indiana and beyond. As a regional campus of Indiana University, IU South Bend provides a diverse population the opportunity to affordably earn a prestigious IU degree through its quality graduate and undergraduate programs. With its caring faculty and staff, IU South Bend is committed to an inclusive, student-centered approach that focuses on preparing its students for both the workforce and postgraduate education through rigorous coursework, research, and creative activity. We are a catalyst for social mobility that contributes to the vitality of our region by educating informed individuals, thoughtful stewards, innovative professionals, and responsible leaders.

Approved by the IU Board of Trustees
December 2021

As the premier public university for our region, Indiana University South Bend is committed to excellence in education, research, and creative activity. These basic principles are guided by our Titan CREED: 

C–Community. We share a sense of place with our community and work to enhance the quality of life on our campus, in our region, and beyond. 

R–Respect. We respect the dignity and worth of all members of our campus, celebrating our differences while creating an environment in which all voices are heard.

E–Equity. We embrace equity, diversity, and inclusivity in all we do.

E–Engagement. We engage our students and contribute to their personal and professional growth through immersive experiential activities.

D–Dedication. We are dedicated to providing students a strong foundation for a lifetime of achievement.

Student Programs