Online Course Questionnaire

The Online Course Questionnaire was developed to centralize and standardize the course evaluation process. The Online Course Questionnaire (OCQ) consists of 11 campus-wide questions that students are asked to answer about each class they take. Responses to these questions are shared with instructors, department chairs, deans, and the vice chancellors for academic affairs be used for faculty development and for tenure and promotion. The questions are used by instructors to improve their teaching and the student experience, as well as by university administrators to ensure that students are getting the most out of their education at IU South Bend.

Each department and instructor may ask additional questions to get the most out of the OCQ. Participating faculty members receive a report that summarizes the students’ feedback for each class taught. Results are distributed only after grades have been submitted. Students are not identified in the report and faculty will not receive any data that links student responses by student name.

The OCQ is administered during the last weeks of classes prior to the start of the final exam period. You can view the campus-wide and Unit-specific OCQ questions here.

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Online Course Questionnaire Team

Michelle Bakerson, PhD

Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

AI 246J
(574) 520-4491

Hossein Hakimzadeh, PhD

Associate Professor and Director of Informatics

(574) 520-4517
NS 160H

Xiaoxu Shan, MS

Institutional Research Analyst

AI 247C
(574) 520-5230

Lydia Turner

Academic Records Assistant and Administrative Assistant

AI 246
(574) 520-4869