Office of Academic Affairs

Jill Pearon, D.M.A.
Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
AI 246D
(574) 520-4183

Associate Vice Chancellors

Enrollment Management

Raman Adaikkalavan, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management
AI 246F
(574) 520-4295

Academic Affairs

Doug McMillen, Ph.D
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
AI 246G
(574) 520-4222

Center for Excellence in Research and Scholarship

DW 2271
(574) 520-4434

Research Administration

Erika Zynda

Erika Zynda 
Contracts and Grants Coordinator
AI 246H
(574) 520-4181

Lee Streby, M.A.
Grants Writer
Continuing Education

Mike Mancini

Mike Mancini
AI 216B
(574) 520-4415
Academic Senate

Carolyn Schult

Carolyn Schult, Ph.D.
DW 2133
(574) 520-4118
Assessment Committee

Yu Song, PhD

Yu Song, Ph.D.
Campus Assessment Coordinator
NS 319
(574) 520-4299

Office of Academic Affairs

Brianna Liras
Administrative Assistant
AI 246
(574) 520-4869

Elizabeth Miller
Administrative Generalist Coordinator
AI 246
(574) 520-4864