Titan Success Center

The Titan Success Center (TSC) was established in 2015. Its mission is to support and provide academic guidance for and to retain undergraduate students from diverse populations with outstanding potential for success at IU South Bend.

  • TSC coordinates innovative and holistic approaches to enhance the student experience and provides development opportunities that foster academic success among students.
  • TSC is a supportive community of Success Coaches and IU South Bend campus and community partners.
  • TSC oversees the University's Early Start Summer and Leadership Academy. It’s also a reassuring place for Frank O’Bannon Scholars, 21st Century Scholars.
  • TSC works with each student, many of whom remain part of the program throughout their undergraduate experience at IU South Bend.

Goals of the Titan Success Center

  • Build rapport with the students
  • Offer best practices around adjustments to college from orientation to graduation
  • Provide quality academic guidance
  • Partner with professional and faculty advisors to promote retention and student success
  • Provide higher levels of support by identifying resources that help students achieve their goals
  • Empower and educate students by identifying resources that help students achieve their goals

Michelle Rosemond, Ph.D., Executive Director, Retention Initiatives and Campuswide Advising