Honors Program

Video featuring Neovi Karakatsanis, Director, and several recent members of the Honors Program.

Program Benefits

The IU South Bend Honors Program offers many benefits ..

  • Honors Scholarships for all students
  • Attainment of the prestigious IU Honors Diploma in addition to a designation on one's permanent transcript that the student has completed programmatic requirements. The Honors Diploma will help students gain a competitive edge in employment and in professional graduate student applications.
  • Early Registration Privileges
  • Enrollment in small, discussion-based Honors Courses
  • Research Opportunities
  • Interaction with a supportive group of Honors peers (membership in the Honors Club)
  • Participation in Honors social events and travel opportunities
  • Opportunity to live in the Honors Living Learning Community at River Crossing
  • Use of the Honors Lounge (AI 160)

High School Seniors

If you have already received your letter of admission to the Honors Program and would like to be considered for Honors academic and housing scholarship awards, the current requirements are:

  • Cumulative GPA (CGPA) of 3.5 (or greater)
  • Combined Reading and Math SAT score of at least 1170; or an ACT composite score of 24

The priority filing deadline of the application is May 1.

Current IU South Bend Students and Transfer Students (with at least 24-60 college credits)

Current IU South Bend students and transfer students may apply to be considered for the Honors Program. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

To be considered for the program, students should meet the following qualifications and complete the application:

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater
  • Application, including a Personal essay and Resume

To remain in good standing and to graduate with an IU Honors Diploma, current Honors Program students must:
  • Maintain a 3.3 cumulative IU South Bend GPA
  • Enroll in an Honors course each semester (including designated honors courses or converted honors course)
  • Receive a grade of B+ or higher in all honors courses taken
  • Enroll in HON-H 100 Freshman Honors Seminar within the first year admitted
  • Take a minimum of 18 credit hours of honors courses before graduation
  • Complete 10 hours of service per semester
  • Remain active in the program by attending a minimum of three honors events per semester, including, but not limited to, group outings, service projects, Honors Club events, etc.

Honors Contract >>

Activity Verification Form >>

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am worried that taking honors courses may be too much work or negatively impact my GPA. Why should I join the program and should I be overly concerned by the coursework?

A. As stated on the Benefits of the Program page, students receive scholarships, early registration privileges, and many other benefits.  The program works to enrich its students’ college experiences and provide opportunities to help students reach their academic and professional goals. While the program does require some additional work, most students, who meet the application requirements and are admitted to the program, are more than capable of completing the work successfully.  The benefits are many.  Don’t be intimidated; the Program will work with each student to foster success.

There are several ways students can earn the credits required (18 hours) to receive an honors diploma.

These include the following: 

  • all honors-designated courses (such as H100, H399, etc.)
  • any honors section of an existing course (such as the honors sections of intro to psychology, intro to microeconomics, etc.)
  • any course that has been “converted” by the student into an honors course can be counted towards the required 18 hours of credit.

To “convert” any course, eligible students must meet with the instructor of the course they would like to “convert” to seek the instructor’s approval. After receiving approval, students must complete an honors contract, which includes a brief description of the additional requirement(s) necessary to convert the course. The contract must then be signed by the instructor and student and should be returned by the student to the Honors Program by the end of the first week of classes. Contracts may be found on the Honors website or picked up in AI 164.

Students of Note

December 2017
  • Kaylee Lemert, B.S., Education
  • Kashay Murray, B.S., Criminal Justice
  • Susan Ward, Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Julia (Zehner) Walsh, Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Sophia Zovich, B.A., Mass Communications
May 2018
  • Katelyn Andrysiak-Begert, B.A., Psychology
  • Nargiza Amirova, B.A., English; and Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Katherine Arterbery, B.S., in Nursing
  • Desmond Atem, B.S., Nursing
  • Evelyn Batres, B.S., Business
  • Lindsay (Boussom) McCraner, Bachelor of Music Education
  • Zhane Chaffer, B.S., Business
  • Shelby Frick, B.S., Nursing
  • >Briauna Gaffney, B.A., Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Christine Hansen, B.S., Business
  • Sheree Harris, B.A., Psychology
  • Leah Klopfenstein, B.S., Criminal Justice
  • Jessica Martini, B.S., Dental Hygiene
  • Briannah McCall, B.A., Sustainability Studies
  • Raven Miller, B.A., Anthropology
  • Erica Morris, B.S., Dental Hygiene
  • Salima Fofana, B.S., Actuarial Science
  • Samuel Ratkiewicz, B.S., Biological Sciences
  • Faith Stull, B.A., Psychology
  • Andi Trowbridge, Bachelor of Social Work
  • Neal Warstler, Bachelor of Art Education
  • Taylor Wiley, B.S., Informatics
August 2018
  • Sergio Ortiz, B.S., Business


  • President | Kevin Schascheck
  • Vice President | Stephen Holmes
  • Treasurer | Jeffrey Yoder
  • Senator | Jesus Garcia
  • Senator | Emily Richardson
  • Senator | Kayla Isenbletter
  • Senator | Hilary Nicodemus

  • Jarek Allin
  • Nargiza Amirova
  • Evelyn Batres
  • Abigail Buiter
  • Lazhane Chaffer
  • Jacob Cryer
  • Savannah Dill
  • Benjamin Fager
  • Samantha Felton
  • David Flowers
  • Salima Fofana
  • Briauna Gaffney
  • Gabrielle Garver
  • Christine Hansen
  • Sherree Harris
  • Stephen Holmes
  • Danuta Kawecki
  • Leah Klopfenstein
  • Rachel Krause
  • Briannah McCall
  • Raven Miller
  • Analise Nedderman
  • Nga Nguyen
  • Sergio Ortiz Cardoso
  • Samuel Ratkiewicz
  • Morgan Rockhill
  • Kevin Schascheck
  • Caitlin Schulz
  • Faith Stull
  • Natalie Talic
  • Andi Trowbridge
  • Neal Warstler
  • Joyce Whiteman
  • Taylor Wiley
  • Dane Wysong
  • Romaric Zounlome

  • Paige Closson

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Honors Club

Students who work to maintain academic excellence now have a club on campus which allows them to meet other students, like themselves. All members of the Honors Program are admitted as members of the IU South Bend Honors Club. 

The purpose of the Club is to provide students in the Program with a community of like-minded individuals as well as a social outlet for rest and relaxation. The Club serves to promote collaboration among its members and to encourage new student participation. It also encourages students to be involved on campus and within the local community. In short, the Club helps build relationships and social networks among some of the most highly motivated students and faculty on our campus—a benefit that will serve students well long into the future as they seek employment and admission to graduate and professional school programs.

As a group, club members have group study sessions, movie nights, pizza parties, and they take trips. 

Honors students have taken all expense paid trips to the Art Institute in Chicago, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio, as well to Washington DC. Club activities are very strongly encouraged and will contribute to a more fulfilling college experience.