Honors Program Students of Note


May 2020
  • Megan Corban, B.S., Nursing
  • Alexis Deak, B.S., Nursing
  • Frederique Audrey Tchinty Doue, B.S., Biochemistry
  • Megan Flora, B.S.B., Accounting
  • Sean Galvan, B.S., Biological Sciences
  • Brittney Goley, B.S., Dental Hygiene
  • Robyn Hawley, B.A., Sustainability Studies
  • Nadine Hillery, A.S.,Radiography
  • Noah Imel, B.S., Elementary Education
  • Kayla Isenbletter, B.A., Women's and Gender Studies
  • Andrea Keyser, B.S., Dental Hygiene
  • Gabrielle Luster-Bartz, B.S., Elementary Education
  • Nga Nguyen, B.S.B., Advertising; and Marketing
  • Emily Richardson, B.A., Psychology; and Women's and Gender Studies
  • Victoria Schemenauer, B.M., Voice
  • Zach Snider, B.S., Social Studies Education
  • Sarah Tanner, B.G.S., General Studies
  • Ali Weesner, B.S., Physics
  • Johnna Wysong, B.S., Nursing
  • David Yankosky, B.S.B., Advertising; and Marketing
  • Jeffrey Yoder, B.S., Physics
December 2019
  • Cheyanne Diamond, B.S., Elementary Education
  • Jose Diaz, B.S., Criminal Justice
  • David Flowers, B.S., Computer Science
  • Toni Groff, B.S., Elementary Education
  • Morgan Rockhill, B.S.B., Marketing
August 2019
  • Brock Crockom, B.M., Voice
  • Lex Hall, B.A., Psychology
  • Mark Streeter, B.A., Women's and Gender Studies; and English
Alexis Deak I Class of 2020

Using her new Nursing Degree, Lexy accepted a position as a registered nurse at Beacon Memorial Hospital in South Bend, Indiana.

Toni Groff I Class of 2019

Following a December graduation, Toni accepted a position teaching fourth grade English Language Arts and Social Studies at Elkhart Christian Academy. After a few years of teaching, she plans to return to school for a Masters in Education and American Sign Language. Toni also enjoys backpacking across the globe every chance she gets.

Brendon Handy I Class of 2020

After multiple internships throughout his undergraduate education, Brendon was offered a full-time position as a Financial Planning Coordinator with Korhorn Financial Group, Inc. located in Granger, Indiana. Due to the global pandemic, he was hired prior to graduation and was able to begin his career in financial planning early. Brendon wishes to continue his philanthropic efforts with the Honors Program in the future.

Kayla Isenbletter I Class of 2020

Wishing to immediately continue her education, Kayla applied to Notre Dame’s Masters of Nonprofit Organization and to IU South Bend’s Masters of Public Affairs Program. After being accepted by both institutions, Kayla decided to attend to her alma mater, IU South Bend!

Gabrielle Luster-Bartz I Class of 2020

Following her graduation in May, Gabby was interviewed and offered a position with Elkhart Community Schools. She will be teaching kindergarten at Osolo Elementary. Eventually, Gabby plans to become a college professor and teach future elementary education teachers.

Brock Crockom and Dayandra de Miranda Leao | Class of 2019

Brock, a Music-Voice major, and Dayandra, a Theater major, both attended the Art of Acting Studio in Los Angeles in summer 2019. In fall 2019, Brock and Dayandra began touring the state of New York with the Merry-Go-Round Youth Theatre Group.

Ben Fager | Class of 2019

During his time at IU South Bend, Ben served as president of the Honors Club, as Chief Justice of the Student Government Association and as President of the IU South Bend Chapter of the National Society for Leadership and Success. Upon receiving his degree in Math Education, Ben was hired to teach mathematics at Elkhart Memorial High School.

Alexandra Hochstetler | Class of 2017

Following graduation in May of 2017, Alexandra decided to take a gap year in her schooling to gain hands-on lab experience and to focus on studying for the medical school entrance exam. In fall 2019, Alexandra was accepted into the IU School of Medicine, where she is now enrolled.

Danuta Kawecki | Class of 2019

After majoring in Marketing and Advertising, Danuta was accepted into the prestigious Yale School of Management 2019 Summer Internship in Organizational Behavior. She is currently employed with 1st Source Bank and has earned a professional designation as a Certified Lease Finance Professional (CLFP) Associate.

Kashay Murray | Class of 2018

After receiving her degree in Criminal Justice, Kashay received a Law Alumni Scholarship and a donor-funded scholarship to attend IUPUI’s Robert McKinney School of Law. Kashay is interested in pursuing criminal, immigration or civil rights law.

Annalise Nedderman | Class of 2019

As an undergraduate at IU South Bend, Annalise worked as a tutor for the university’s Math Tutoring Center, where she helped students reach their full potential. With a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Annalise began her teaching career at a local elementary school in fall 2019.

Abigail Pitsilides (Buiter) | Class of 2018

After receiving her degree in Health Services Management, Abigail took a position with IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis as an Administrative Assistant to the Director of the Cardiovascular Service Line. In August 2019 she was also married to Christopher Pitsilides.

Kevin Schascheck II | Class of 2019

During his time as an undergraduate at IU South Bend, Kevin (a German and Finance major) served as student body president. Currently, he is furthering his education as a law student at the University of Virginia.

Adam Schelle | Class of 2019

Using his English and Women’s and Gender Studies degrees in a way that allows him to capitalize on his passion for language, Adam has accepted a position with Pathfinders Advertising as a copywriter.

Faith Stull | Class of 2018

Faith graduated with a degree in Psychology from IU South Bend. She is currently a graduate student at Purdue Fort Wayne majoring in Organizational Leadership and Supervision. As a graduate assistant at PFW, Faith is conducting research on such topics as military leadership and the process of transitioning from active military duty to a veteran status.

Julia Walsh (Zehner) | Class of 2017

Julia graduated in December of 2017 with a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Psychology. In March 2018, she married her best friend, David Walsh. She now serves as a Digital Marketing Specialist for 1st Source Bank, managing the bank’s website and mobile apps, capturing photographs for the website, and creating instructional videos to explain the various aspects of 1st Source’s electronic banking.

Taylor Wiley | Class of 2018

Having received a Bachelor of Science in Informatics, Taylor took a position with the City of South Bend as an Application Developer in the Department of Innovation and Technology. In her free time, Taylor serves as Captain of Hack Michiana.

  • President | Rodger Pinto
  • Treasurer | Emily Richardson
  • Senator | Matthew Applegate
  • Senator | Rana Hamad
  • Senator | Mya Piccione
  • Matthew Applegate
  • Lexi Benhart
  • Paige Closson
  • Bryn Cothran
  • Jose Diaz
  • Audrey Doue
  • Katherine Driver
  • Benjamin Fager
  • David Flowers
  • Sean Galvan
  • Jesus Garcia
  • Gabrielle Garver
  • Presley Gee
  • Alexis Goy
  • Rana Hamad
  • Brendon Handy
  • Stephen Holmes
  • Kayla Isenbletter
  • Emily Kasarda
  • Ashley Kasuri
  • Deanne Laneve
  • Joseph McCombs
  • Philipp Mischke
  • Eva Monhaut
  • Annalise Nedderman
  • Nga Nguyen
  • Hilary Nicodemus
  • Tristan Pearson
  • Wesley Pickard
  • Carson Pifer
  • Rodger Pinto
  • LaBre’a Porter
  • Emily Richardson
  • Kevin Schascheck
  • John Schrader
  • Jakob Schuppan
  • Almutasem Shahin
  • James Tachman
  • Hannah Walker
  • Ali Weesner
  • Jeffrey Yoder
  • Romaric Zounlome
  • Nga Nguyen
  • Romaric Zounolome
  • Rodger Pinto