Student Resources

Technology Support

Whether you are new or returning students, checkout the following resources that help your online academic journey at IU South Bend.


  • Academic Centers for Excellence | provides tutoring services free of charge for writing, math, computer science and informatics, chemistry, biology, physics, anatomy and physiology, business, economics, modern languages, music and public speaking.  They offer all kinds of other resources as well.
  • Fully Online Tutoring | Academic Centers for Excellence also offers fully online tutoring.


Course materials may be ordered online from your Class Schedule in your Student Center in One.IU. It is important to order your books early to ensure that they will arrive in time for the beginning of classes. It is also important to obtain your books from the campus bookstore to ensure that you receive all correct course materials. Some courses require supplementary materials (CDs and online Access Keys) in addition to the books.

When ordering, you will need the following course information for each of your classes:

  • Department (Ex: BUS-W)
  • Number (Ex: 301)
  • Section (Ex: 14333) | Pay special attention to the section number you are enrolled in to ensure you receive the proper books. Some classes may have multiple sections.

Additional Resources