Academic Senate

Constitution of the Academic Senate

We, the faculty of Indiana University South Bend, in order to provide a governmental structure for our membership and a forum for the exchange of ideas, to promote excellence in scholastic and professional attainment, and to maximize the participation, the influence, and the effectiveness of the faculty in the operation and growth of Indiana University South Bend, do hereby constitute ourselves as the Academic Senate, Indiana University South Bend, and adopt this Constitution as our instrument of government. Subject to the limitation imposed by the laws of the State of Indiana and the Board of Trustees of Indiana University, and the Indiana University Faculty Constitution, this Constitution establishes the powers and the duties herein provided for and confers them upon the Academic Senate, Indiana University South Bend. The Constitution is to be construed and implemented in the spirit of affirmative action principles and of civil rights legislation. 

Policies and Resolutions

It is the position of the Academic Senate to put forth policy and procedures to be reviewed.