Work Study Engagement Program

Work Study Engagement Grant Guidelines

The office of the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is pleased to announce that we have secured funding for the Work Study Student Engagement grant program for this year.

This program helps fulfill the Academic Senate’s request for funding to allow faculty to engage work-study students to help them with their research. All projects this year must be related to a research project.  We will not be able to fund any administrative or instructional projects this year. Our goal is still to have more students engaged in meaningful work on campus which will lead to better retention and graduation.

If you would like to request Work Study Student Engagement grant funding for this Academic Year please complete the proposal.

In the proposal you will need to give us a brief description of the research project the students will be working on, the key project goals, and a detailed mentoring plan for the students.

If you have multiple projects you should complete separate proposals for each project with the requested number of students and the expected number of hours. If you have an open grant award for a research project it will expire on August 31st and you may request new funding after submitting your final report.

Updated 07/21/2020