Grant Management

Guidelines for Managing your Grant Account

All funds in any university account belong to the university. All property purchased with funds in any university account belong to the university.

As the account manager YOU are responsible for initiating and monitoring expenditures within your account following all policies of IU. Erika Zynda will be acting as Fiscal Officer on all research related accounts.

Monthly emails will point you to your electronic statement of account (instructions for monitoring your Monthly Operating Statement on the Indiana University Information Environment (IUIE). If you are not already registered for this system go to the IUIE Registration page and register now. Since normal accounting procedures sometimes delay the appearance of an encumbrance on a statement I suggest that you keep a separate record of expenditures to avoid overspending the account (sample spreadsheet). All overdrafts must be covered by the account manager.

To find the reports on any account you are manager of click here.

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