Preparing and Routing Extramural Support Proposals

Instructions for Preparing and Routing Proposals for Extramural Support

The IU South Bend Office of Research and the Office of the Vice President for Research in Bloomington request at least a two week lead time to put through an external grant proposal. To ensure that federal and state guidelines are met and that the intellectual and academic objectives of the University are maintained, all proposals for external funding must be reviewed at appropriate administrative levels prior to submission. As soon as you starting thinking about applying for a specific grant opportunity you should contact the Office of Research (4181).

The items discussed below cover frequently asked questions regarding the preparation and review of proposals. Help with proposal preparation (organization, complying with agency guidelines, editing, etc.) and with budgets is available by calling 520-4181. Current rate information is available at

Special Needs

Q | Should I reapply to an agency that rejected an earlier proposal?

A | Most agencies answer this question with a resounding "YES." For many programs, the success rate of first-time applicants is very low; but a significant number of those proposals are funded upon resubmission.

Contact the Office of Research to discuss strategies for resubmission.

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