Associate Faculty Grant

Associate Faculty Grant Guidelines

IU South Bend provides funds annually in support of associate faculty development. These funds are used to award grants, through competitive application procedures, to associate faculty in support of travel and attendance at professional meetings, or other activities of direct benefit to the individual's University-related professional development.

The awards will be limited to not more than $500 per faculty member, per year. Limitation of available resources may prevent complete funding of a project. The committee gives priority to support for research, presentation of papers at professional meetings, and attendance at professional meetings, in that order.

Applications may be submitted for travel and attendance at professional meetings, and other activities of direct benefit to the individual's University-related professional development.

Application Form

To be eligible, an associate faculty member must currently teach a minimum of three (3) credits. Associate library faculty members are eligible if (a) they have worked a minimum of 100 hours during the previous 12 months (as well as working during the semester in which they apply), or (b) they have taught at least two sections of Q110 in the previous academic year (and are teaching at least one section in the semester in which they apply). Applicants are also expected to continue their commitments to IU South Bend for at least one semester after receiving a grant. Required letter from chair or dean should speak to eligibility.

Application deadlines are

  • November 1
  • February 1
  • April 1
  • (or the first Monday of the month if the 1st falls on a Saturday or Sunday).

Proposals for retroactive funding of summer activities which could not have been anticipated by the April deadline may be submitted at the November round, but consideration of such funding will be at the discretion of the committee, which cannot guarantee reimbursement of these expenses.

Lodging may be reimbursed up to its actual cost. Per Diem rates vary by location. For current rates for your travel destination consult the IU site

Travel costs should not exceed the least expensive direct air fare to one's destination(s), compatible with the proposed schedule of activities. Auto travel will be reimbursed at the rate IU rates (

A grant is to be used within one year, unless an extension is requested and granted by the Associate Faculty Advisory Committee. After that deadline, unused funds will revert to the campus associate faculty grant funding account.

Equipment purchased with grant funds is the property of IU South Bend.

Because some projects may yield royalties or other income to the recipients of those awards, each applicant agrees, as a condition of the award he or she may receive, to repay the University from such personal income whenever it exceeds $100 in any year. Each year that such income exceeds $100, the recipient is obligated to repay to the University one half of the amount in excess of $100 until the award is repaid.

When funding is obtained from other sources for projects also supported by IU South Bend funds, the local award is reduced by an amount equal to the external funds provided.

Footnote recognition of the source of support should be provided in any publication resulting from a project supported by these awards.

Award recipients should provide to the Associate Faculty Advisory Committee copies of whatever publications or announcements of presentations or performances result from these grants. The Committee will then forward these to the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Award recipients should report on their current projects at the end of each calendar year to the Associate Faculty Advisory Committee. They should also include a summary of their activity in their annual reports.

Updated 08/29/2017
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