Northside Hall Adhoc Committee

Northside Hall Taskforce

Charges and Membership (approved by Senate Executive Committee and Interim Chancellor 12/2018)

  1. The taskforce shall gather information from facilities management and make recommendations on classrooms in Northside Hall that could be relocated to other buildings to help relieve the stress on the teaching/learning environment in Northside Hall. It shall also provide a roadmap for updating/enhancing classrooms and learning spaces in Northside. This would include analyzing classroom usage data (provided by registrar), technology (provided by UITS), and general space improvements (furniture, flooring, ceilings, carpeting, painting, etc.) provided by facilities management and other sources. The taskforce shall present their first set of recommendations to the Chancellor and Senate Executive Committee by April 30, 2019 and complete their work by the end of Fall 2019.
  2. The taskforce shall consist of two faculty from ARTS, one faculty from CHS, and three faculty from CLAS appointed by the Senate Executive Committee. It shall consist of VC of Administration and Fiscal Affairs, Director of Facilities Management, and a representative from Academic Affairs, Registrar, and UITS, respectively. The taskforce shall be co-chaired by a faculty representative and VC of Administration and Fiscal Affairs.
  • Phil Iapalucci, Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance
  • Mike Scheessele, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Psychology
Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts (two faculty members)
  • Jennifer Muñiz, Music
  • Tim Hanson, Theatre and Dance
Vera Z. Dwyer College of Health Science (one faculty member)
  • Sharon Imes, Nursing
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (three faculty members)
  • Peter Bushnell, Biological Sciences
  • Mike Scheessele, Computer Science
  • Henry Scott, Physics
Academic Affairs
  • Doug McMillen, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Office of the Registrar
  • Keith Dawson, Registrar (as a consultant)
  • Terri Langel, Assistant Registrar
  • Paul Sharpe, ExecutiveDirector
  • Phil Iapalucci, Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance
  • Mike Prater, Director of Facilities Management