Change Course Document

Initiating a Change Course Document

Course Approval
  1. Select the [REQUESTING CAMPUS]. This is the campus submitting the request and where the course will be offered.
  2. Select the [SCHOOL] in which the course will be offered.
  3. Select the [SUBJECT]
  4. Enter the [COURSE NUMBER] (example format W 131). When you tab out of this field, a new field [DOCUMENT TO INITIATE] should appear.
  5. The [CHANGE COURSE] button will be selected. Click [CONTINUE]
  6. The CHANGE COURSE DOCUMENT will be displayed. Many of the questions are the same as the NEW COURSE DOCUMENT page and will not need to be completed, unless you would like to change the fields.
  7. After you have made changes to the appropriate fields, follow the steps in the ROUTING YOUR FORM section


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