21st Century Scholars Program

21st Century Scholars: Your Journey Begins Here

The 21st Century Scholars Program began in 1990 as Indiana's way of raising the educationalaspirations of low–and moderate–income families. The program aims to ensure that allIndiana families can afford a college education for their children. Here at Indiana UniversitySouth Bend we realize that the support students need to succeed in college goes beyondfinancial assistance. Our Academic Success Coaches and Financial Aid Counselors providescholars with individual attention and resources they may need.

Our Mission

We aim to assist low and middle-income families meet the cost of college. We striveto assist students on their college journeys through advocacy and holisticprogramming in order to promote academic achievement, maintaining thescholarship, career development, overall retention, and a timely graduation fromIU South Bend. Our academic success coaches strive to provided Scholars support inany and all areas throughout their college journey.

The large number of opportunities and support the faculty give us as scholars is invaluable. As a queer Latina student, I feel safe and supported being a 21st Scholar here." Reagan Ayala, Scholar, Class of 2024