Transfer Students

Transfer Students and Campuswide General Education Requirements

All students who transferred into IU South Bend in Fall 2005 or after are required to complete general education courses. New General Education requirements for transfer students will begin in Fall 2021 with the new General Education curriculum.  Students who transferred to IU South Bend prior to fall 2021 will remain under the previous General Education requirements. See the Campus Bulletin for specific requirements based on the year of enrollment at IU South Bend. Students who are returning to classes but who originally enrolled prior to Fall 2005 should check with their academic program about general education requirements.

Students who have met the ICC/STGEC milestone at another campus before transferring to IU South Bend should refer to the section after this one (Indiana College Core). For those who have not, the following apply:

Students who transfer in less than 45 credit hours are required to complete the entire General Education curriculum (some of these requirements may be fulfilled with transfer course work).

Students who transfer in 45 credits or more or an Associate's Degree are required to complete the following general education courses (some of these requirements may be fulfilled with transfer course work):

Indiana College Core

The Indiana College Core, formerly the Statewide Transfer General Education Core (STGEC), enables a student who satisfactorily completes an approved program of general education in any one of Indiana’s public institutions of higher education to transfer that coursework to any other state educational institution as a block of 30 credit hours towards the general education core requirement.

Indiana Commission on Higher Education (ICHE) established the Indiana College Core (ICC) to ease transferring between public colleges and universities.  The ICC is comprised of 30 semester credit hours taken at a public institution. These 30 credit hours can transfer as a block and count as satisfying the ICC at the receiving institution.  Six areas of competencies and learning outcomes of ICC include:

Foundational Intellectual Skills
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Written Communication
Ways of Knowing
  • Humanistic and Artistic
  • Scientific
  • Social and Behavioral

For questions about exceptional cases, please contact the General Education Co-Directors, Jennifer Muñiz ( or Henry Scott (

Students who transfer to IU South Bend having met all requirements of the 30-credit Indiana College Core (ICC), formerly the Statewide Transfer General Education Core (STGEC), will only be required to take in addition a Common Core course at the 300–level.

Additional General Education Requirements for Incoming Students Seeking Transfer to IU South Bend Having COMPLETED the Indiana College Core as indicated on their transcript:

  • Must complete one 300–level Common Core course in any category (390 or 399)
  • Must complete any other general education courses required by their school and/or major which may include minimum grade requirements.