Course Substitutions

Student Petitions for General Education Approval of Transfer and/or Exemptions

Transfer students may petition to have a course taken at a previous campus to fulfill a general education requirement. In such cases, students should review the description of the general education requirement in the relevant category before filing a petition. Descriptions of the gened curriculum can be found on the General Education website.

In rare cases, a student may petition for an exemption to a specific general education requirement. These exemptions usually entail documentation of prior experience (e.g. military, vocational, work, etc.) or documented disability that would warrant an exemption from a general education requirement.

Please be aware that the General Education Committee is only empowered to approve petitions for  campus wide general education requirements. If your school or program requires specific  gen ed courses as part of their degree program, you must fulfill those requirements. To avoid confusion, you should consult your advisor before filing a petition.

Students seeking general education petitions should do so soon after they transfer or enroll at  IU South Bend. Delays in filing petitions can unnecessarily delay your degree progress and/or your ability to graduate on time.