General Education

What is General Education

A general education program is designed to address the following questions:

  • What is an educated person?
  • What should educated people know and be able to do when they graduate from college?

The General Education program at IU South Bend establishes a learning environment that serves the academic, civic, cultural, and career needs of an educated citizen within the global community. The Campuswide General Education curriculum provides students with knowledge of the basic tenets of a variety of academic disciplines and the skills to function effectively in positions of responsibility and leadership. It instills in students an appreciation of the interconnectedness of disciplines, the diversity of human cultures and experiences, self-awareness conducive to personal growth, and a love of learning.

The curriculum complements the depth and focus of our major programs and ensures that graduates will have the breadth of experience that enables them to think critically, communicate clearly, act professionally and ethically, and appreciate wisdom and beauty. In this way, it prepares students to be successful in their chosen professions and become valued citizens and leaders within their communities, individually enriched by their studies and stimulated by the spirit of discovery.

General Education Curriculum

The Campuswide General Education curriculum is composed of three elements and requires a total of between 33 and 39 credit hours of course work.

  • Fundamental Literacies (13-19 cr.)

    One course must be taken from each of the following seven areas (as designated in the Schedule of Classes):

    • Writing
    • Critical Thinking
    • Oral Communication
    • Visual Literacy
    • Quantitative Reasoning
    • Information Literacy
    • Computer Literacy
  • Contemporary Social Values (8 cr.)

    One course must be taken from each of the following three areas (as designated in the Schedule of Classes):

    • Non-Western Cultures
    • Diversity in United States Society
    • Health and Wellness (2 cr.)
  • Common Core (12 cr.)

    One course must be taken from each of the following four areas (as designated in the Schedule of Classes) with at least one which must be completed at the 300-level. Note that 300-level Common Core courses may have as prerequisite the completion of one or more of the Fundamental Literacies requirements; in some cases other prerequisites may also apply. These courses are offered under disciplinary codes.

    • The Natural World | N 190, N 390
    • Human Behavior and Social Institutions | B 190, B 399
    • Literary and Intellectual Traditions | A 190, A 399
    • Art, Aesthetics, and Creativity | A 190, A 399

    Common Core Courses Offered Fall 2017 >>

    Common Core Courses Offered Spring 2018 >>

Course Approval

Instructors seeking to have courses approved for general education designation must apply to the Senate General Education Committee. If the proposed course is a new course for the campus or a matching IU course, it must  be submitted through CARMin and approved for use on this campus. Continue reading >>

Student Petitions for General Education Approval of Transfer

Transfer students may petition to have a course taken at a previous campus to fulfill a general education requirement. In such cases, students should review the description of the general education requirement in the relevant category before filing a petition. Descriptions of the gened curriculum can be found on the General Education website. Continue reading >>

Transfer Students and Campuswide General Education Requirement

All students who transferred into IUSB in Fall 2005 or after are required to complete general education courses. Continue reading >>

Statewide Transfer General Education Core

The Statewide Transfer General Education Core (STGEC) enables a student who satisfactorily completes an approved program of general education in any one of Indiana’s public institutions of higher education to transfer that coursework to any other state educational institution as a block of 30 credit hours towards the general education core requirement. Continue reading >>