Grants Awarded

Academic Year 2002-2003
  • Melchor de Guzman

    Funded the analysis and evaluation of the new Criminal Justice student advising scheme.

  • Barbara Peat

    Allowed the program to continue its collection and analysis of data from employer surveys, alumni surveys and senior exit surveys.

  • Alec Hosterman

    Funded research and development of an improved Capstone course.

  • Nancy Colborn

    Attend the Institute for Information Literacy "Immersion '04" conference. One of the goals of this conference is to educate the librarian participants about the role of assessment as it relates to a whole curriculum including information literacy.

  • Paul Joray

    Allow the General Studies program to develop and administer an alumni questionnaire.

  • Elizabeth Bennion

    Used for a comprehensive survey of assessment techniques used at IU South Bend and in similar programs in the IU system. They will also survey graduates of the program.

  • Michael Darnel

    Fund a program to evaluate and improve the math service courses offered as part of other courses of study at IU South Bend.

  • Terri Demmon

    Fund the development of an online course survey instrument which can be used to provide midcourse and summative assessment data.