Waiver Request

Faculty Posting

The WAIVER REQUEST in Microsoft Forms is the first step to posting a waiver for a faculty position at IU South Bend.

The following steps are to be completed.

  1. Once the position has been approved for hire by the Office of Academic Affairs, the search committee chair/dean/administrative assistant will complete a MICROSOFT FORM found at https://forms.office.com/r/cZjeJrBX2s. The person completing the form must be logged into the system using their IU credentials (IU login and passphrase)
  2.  Complete the form making sure to complete all fields:
    • What is the TITLE of the faculty member requesting a waiver for?
    • What SCHOOL/UNIT is this waiver for? 
    • What is the FTE?
    • To whom are you recommending the OFFER to?
    • What is the SALARY proposed?
    • Is this a NEW or REPLACEMENT position?
    • What is the EXPECTED START DATE?
    • Is there an EXPECTED END DATE (provide if so)?
    • What is the APPOINTMENT STATUS?
    • What are the WAIVER CIRCUMSTANCES (select from list)?
    • Provide a detailed explanation of the reason for requesting a waiver
    • Provide any departmental administrator comments
  3. Once complete the data from the form will route to the Office of Academic Affairs for duplication to the WAIVER REQUET in PeopleAdmin.
  4. The PeopleAdmin posting is then routed to the SCHOOL APPROVER (usually the dean of the school/college).
  5. Once approved by the SCHOOL APPROVER, the PeopleAdmin posting will route to the OFFICE OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, and the OFFICE OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS