The Offer Request

Below are the steps to create the OFFER REQUEST in PeopleAdmin

  • From the posting, select the APPLICANT tab to review the list of applicants applying for the position
    applicant tab
  • Select the applicant from the applicant list for whom the offer is to be mad
    applicant selected
  • Click the checkbox to the left of the APPLICANT'S NAME and select BULK>MOVE IN WORKFLOW from the actions button dropdown

    move in workflow
    submit offer
  • Select the orange button SAVE CHANGES
  • Select the hyperlink for the faculty posting
  • In the upper right corner, under the orange TAKE ACTION ON JOB APPLICATION, you will see a green plus sign (+) sign; select START OFFER REQUEST from the dropdown menu
  • Select/Click SAVE & CONTINUE
  • save and continue
  • On the next screen, select/click the START OFFER REQUEST button
    start offer request
  • On the OFFER REQUEST form, fill in the required fields that were not previously required in eDoc Lite
    required fields
  • Click/Select SAVE & CONTINUE
    save and continue

The OFFER REQUEST documents section will act as a place where you would have previously added attachments in the Offer Request. Submit a PDF (with conversion)


  • IUSM Offer Packet
  • IUSM eDoc Packet
  • Offer to Recommend Appointment
  • Offer Letter
  • Offer with Tenure: CV
  • Offer with Tenure: Chair Memo
  • Offer with Tenure: Dean Memo
  • Offer with Tenure: External Letters
  • Attachment 1
  • Attachment 2
  • Attachment 3
  • Attachment 4
  • Attachment 5
  • Attachment 6

Hiring Proposal Summary

The Summary page is the final step before routing the posting in the workflow.

This page givs a summary of all data that has been entered up to this point. It also denotes who created the posting and the current owner in the process. 

There are three tabs worth noting:

  • Summary | A summary of the posting information
  • History | Gives all history of where the posting has been in the process and if there are any notes about the posting
  • Settings | Gives all of the information from the first page of the posting process



The next step in the process is to select the orange TAKE ACTION ON THE HIRING PROPOSAL. After carefully reviewing the posting, select/click this button (as the Department Admin).

hiring proposal

  • Select SUBMIT (MOVE TO SCHOOL APPROVER) from the Take Action on Hiring Proposal menu
    move to school approver