Final Report Template

All projects should submit a final report by October 1st following the end of their funding. We need a final report whether your project ended early or completed all three years. This is an important part of our assessment and improvement process for Vision 2020.

Format Required
  • Project Title
  • Project end date
  • Which academic years were you funded?
  • List of Team Members: Name, unit affiliation, position
  • Abstract: (over entire project, what did you do and how did in increase student success? A paragraph.)
    • What our goals were
    • How we assessed them (tools)
    • What we found (assessment results)
    • What it means (interpretation)
    • What we are going to do next
      • End the project: Why?
      • Continue with no funding: How?
      • Continue with other funding? What source?
  • Report on Budget from the past year with a detailed list of actual expenditures. Contact Erika Zynda ( in the Office of Research for assistance.
  • Final Reflection over the complete project
    • How did your project change over time?
    • Overall, how effective was your project in increasing student success on our campus?
    • What are your recommendations about other factors/methods for improving student success?
  • Narrative about your final year