Early Start Summer Academy

Summer 2019

June 17-August 9, 2019

The Early Start Summer Academy is a program designed to benefit students with high potential. New first-year students admitted with high school GPA of 2.4 and below, a TASC score below 669, or a GED score below 620 will be expected to successfully complete this program in the summer prior to and as a condition of enrollment in the fall and/or spring semester(s).

Students will have the opportunity to enroll in six credits of general education course work. This course work will introduce collegiate skills, and include financial and career counseling, as well as peer mentoring and individualized academic advisement.

Students should confirm admission to the Early Start Summer Academy by May 1st, although late applications will be accepted through June 1st. Eligible students seeking spring admission will be deferred to the following summer. Please contact the Office of Admission with any questions or concerns.

Academic Achievement Award Winners

Pictured (l-r) | Araceli Lepe Moreno, Blake Clements (awardee), Michelle Rosemond, Sam Wilcox (awardee), Steve Gross, Cynthia Murphy, July Hoggert, De' Bryant, Anthony Ayala
Pictured (l-r) | Blake Clements (awardee), Michelle Rosemond, Sam Wilcox (awardee)

Frequently Asked Questions

You have been admitted to the University. However, students with a cumulative GPA of 2.4 or lower, a GED score below 620 or a TASC score below 669 at time of admission are required to successfully complete the Early Start Summer Academy offered in the Summer 2019 semester 2 in order to enroll for course work in the 2019-2020 academic year. Students who are eligible for ESSA but applied for Spring 2019 semester are deferred to the Summer 2019 semester.

During the summer, program participants will have the opportunity to explore majors and careers. Upon successful completion of the Early Start Summer Academy, students will be able to choose the major into which they would like to enter for Fall 2019.

Students whose final GPA rises above 2.4 will be excused from participation. However, students who were eligible at time of admission are still welcome to participate even if the GPA rises above 2.4.

Students who have enrolled in the Early Start Summer Academy before June 10th will be allowed to participate in the program and may enroll in Fall 2019 semester classes upon successful completion of the program.

Students must regularly attend class throughout the program, participate in designated co-curricular activities, and earn a grade of C or higher in both courses.

Students will not be charged tuition or fees, and required books and course materials will be offered at a minimal cost. Students will earn six general education credits toward degree completion so long as they achieve at least a C in each class.

The program is open only to legal residents of the state of Indiana.

Students may seek an exemption from participation by submitting a letter of petition outlining why they are unable to participate in the program. These petitions will be reviewed by a committee which will make a final determination. Unless students eligible for the Academy are granted an exemption, they must participate in order to enroll in Fall 2019 or Spring 2020 course work.

At this time, there are no plans to facilitate an Academy program in Fall 2019. Eligible students who miss the enrollment deadline for the Early Start Summer Academy are urged to enroll at Ivy Tech in the Transitions or ABC program. Please plan to meet with an Admissions Counselor to discuss alternatives.


Yes, you should register for New Student Orientation on May 18, June 5, or June 14, and you can register here.

During the Academy, students are expected to participate in activities focused on identifying a major and career, and they will meet with Titan Success coaches to select course work for the following semester of enrollment.

Students who live outside a 50-mile radius of campus may opt to live on-campus. The weekly rate is 45.00, and students must sign a contract for summer housing.

In order to qualify for financial aid in the Summer 2019 semester, students must file the 2018-2019 FAFSA in addition to the 2019-2020 FAFSA which will be valid for Fall 2019 through Summer 2020. If the 2019-2020 FAFSA is filed after April 15, 2019, students will no longer be eligible for state aid but they will be eligible for federal aid. For more information, please meet with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Tuition is free, so there is no obligation in connection with tuition should a student withdraw from the Academy. Course incompletion may impact financial aid status. Also, students who do not complete the program successfully will be unable to enroll for a future semester.

Students unable to complete the Early Start Summer Academy successfully will be urged to enroll at Ivy Tech as part of the Transitions or ABC program.

IU South Bend will offer two information sessions in late spring to which students and their parents will be invited. Do not hesitate to contact the Office of Admissions at (574) 520-4839 or the Titan Success Center at (574) 520-5050) with any questions or concerns you might have about the Early Start Summer Academy.