Early Start Summer Academy

Summer 2019

June 17-August 9, 2019

The Early Start Summer Academy is a program designed to benefit students with high potential. New first-year students admitted with high school GPA of 2.4 and below, a TASC score below 669, or a GED score below 620 will be expected to successfully complete this program in the summer prior to and as a condition of enrollment in the fall and/or spring semester(s).

Students will have the opportunity to enroll in six credits of general education course work. This course work will introduce collegiate skills, and include financial and career counseling, as well as peer mentoring and individualized academic advisement.

Students should confirm admission to the Early Start Summer Academy by May 1st, although late applications will be accepted through June 1st. Eligible students seeking spring admission will be deferred to the following summer. Please contact the Office of Admission with any questions or concerns.

Academic Achievement Award Winners

Pictured (l-r) | Araceli Lepe Moreno, Blake Clements (awardee), Michelle Rosemond, Sam Wilcox (awardee), Steve Gross, Cynthia Murphy, July Hoggert, De' Bryant, Anthony Ayala
Pictured (l-r) | Blake Clements (awardee), Michelle Rosemond, Sam Wilcox (awardee)

Frequently Asked Questions