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Is there any limitation on college credits earned during high school being applied to the first year’s 30 credit hours?

  • Advanced Placement test credit, dual high school/college credit (like Advanced College Project), International Baccalaureate credits, etc.
  • There isn’t a limit but an advisor needs to make sure that all of the credits have been reported and are in the students credit bank by going over this with the individual students.  The student can make a request through ScholarTrak to receive credit from other collegiate institutions.  Any staff with ScholarTrak access can do the same.  It is important to view these as fall back credit hours and not as credits to lessen the students load.  In preparing for unforeseen circumstances or internship/overseas study, you want to keep those credit hours banked for the most part.

Including the college credits earned during high school, which semesters’ credits are counted toward the first year’s 30 credit hours?

  • Credit earned from high school, and…
  • Summer (if start college in summer), fall, spring, summer? (in this special instance, they could use two summers toward one year of credit, correct?)

All of these are applied to the credit hour count.  The student has until the summer session before the next Fall semester to complete the hours.  Ideally, they can do so prior to the second summer session.  Our experience has been that the aid is delayed in the fall, in some cases, due to the reporting and processing of the credit hours and aid at the start of the semester.