Academic Success

Academic Success

The Community of Care Pathways Program guides students who encounter (or anticipate) academic difficulty for any reason. Titan Success Coaches and Academic Advisors work with students requiring assistance during their time at IU South Bend.

The Community of Care is designed to offer students who have withdrawn from the campus, students on probation, and students on a Satisfactory Academic Progress or need support with the appeal process.

Frequently Asked Questions

For IU South Bend students, having a term average below 2.0 results in probation. If you go on probation, you are required, in your next registration, to complete all courses on time and to have an average for that term which is better than 2.0. Being on probation means that you should be consulting both a success coach and academic advisor. During the Community of Care Conversation, you need to work with staff about why you earned some low grades and what you need to change (the kinds of courses you take, or your study routine, and so forth) to do better.

If you meet the conditions (courses done on time, term average better than 2.0), you are safe. If the cumulative average is below 2.0 in this situation, you're continuing on probation, but still, you've guaranteed your freedom to continue. It's only when you fail to meet the terms of probation that you’ll be flagged in the system which affects your ability to register the next semester).

The word "probation" is not on your official transcript, so no one is labeling your record as a problem. But probation, of course, results from some low grades, and those are in your average forever. If you take the probation seriously, identify and resolve your problems, and perform better, then you can bring the average up. After all, in most cases the low grades are resulting from something other than poor aptitude. The problems aren't necessarily easy to fix, but most of the time they are fixable.

First, you will solve your own problems (no one else really can). But you should seek help because you'll solve them faster that way. Success Coaches and Academic advisors have much more experience of the University than you do, and you need to collect information about available resources. Also, they have much more familiarity with addressing academic problems than you have— since you got in here, you probably have not had many problems which resulted in low grades—so they have more ideas about the nature of problems and of possible solutions. You should view academic advising contact as an important step toward improving your situation.

All students who apply for federal financial aid (including loans) or state financial aid at IU South Bend are required to meet or exceed the following Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policies in order to receive aid.

Link to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy >>

Undergraduates who receive all F's or a combination of F's and W's, and who received federal aid for an academic period, may be required to repay all or part of aid received. All federal requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress are outlined in the US Department of Education's Federal Financial Aid Handbook (published annually). All appeals must be submitted electronically, no later than two weeks prior to the strat of the semester for which you are seeking financial aid (or by the date published on our website, whichever is later).

Community of Care Expectations

  1. Meet monthly with both a Success Coach and Academic Advisor
  2. Attend Titan Success Center programs
  3. Successful student seek timely help

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