Academic Success

Academic Success

The Community of Care Pathways Program guides students who encounter (or anticipate) academic difficulty for any reason. Titan Success Coaches and Academic Advisors work with students requiring assistance during their time at IU South Bend.

The Community of Care is designed to offer students who have withdrawn from the campus, students on probation, and students on a Satisfactory Academic Progress or need support with the appeal process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Community of Care Expectations

  1. Meet monthly for four months with both a Success Coach and Academic Advisor
  2. Attend Titan Success Center programs
  3. Schedule the final monthly meeting 30 business days before the next semester you’re planning to enroll
  4. Check AdRx to make sure success coaches and academic advisors have given you credit for attendance at the events and monthly meetings
  5. The information in AdRx will help determine readiness to begin the next semester

Come Talk to a Success Coach

Schedule time with your Success Coach—based on Last Name