New Student Programs

Your First Year, Just the Beginning!

New Student Programs begins from Pre-Orientation, throughout Welcome Week, Fall and Spring semesters. The New Student Programs provide a foundational experience, which connects you with the university, success coaches, peer mentors, your college, faculty, academic advisors and fellow classmates.

What Do Students Gain from the New Student Programs’ Experience?

  1. Engaging programs and events through the Odyssey—a list of events from Pre-Orientation through the Fall and Spring semesters
  2. Knowledge of academic support services
  3. Insight into academic expectations
  4. Introduction to University goals, deadline, and important policy
  5. Introduction to college and/or department
  6. Exploration of major and career areas of interest
  7. Exposure to curricular and co-curricular opportunities

Opportunity to network with faculty, fellow classmates, and upper-class students

Pre-Orientation To-Dos

What to do AFTER you've registered for Orientation at IU South Bend!

  • Create your One account by clicking here and following the prompts. You will need your University ID number, found on your letter or certificate.
  • Take your English Placement Exam. You can get information about the exam and find a link to it by clicking here and following the prompts.
  • Take your ALEKS Math Placement Exam. You can get information about the exam and find a link to it by clicking here and following the prompts.
  • If you’re interested in living on campus, learn about our Housing options, learn about policies, and find important forms by clicking here.
  • Aim to check your IU email daily.
  • If you’ll be driving to campus, apply for your parking permit by clicking here and following the prompts.
  • If you have a documented physical or learning disability, please contact The Office of Disability Support Services so that they can help you prepare for necessary accommodations. You can email them at sbdss@iusb.edu or call (574) 520-4460.
  • Get informed about drugs, alcohol, and sexual violence by checking out My Student Body.
  • KNOW THE CODE. IU South Bend promises equal protection for all students and procedural fairness. Understand our student conduct procedures.

Check your Canvas course sites–this is something all students should aim to do at the start of every semester. Two weeks or so before classes begin to check in for welcome announcements, new items posted from their professors to prepare for the first week of class and the syllabus.

IU South Bend C.A.R.E.S.

Work with success coaches, academic advisors and faculty to learn more about how to participate in campus and community events

Seek faculty input about active learning principles in and out of class to develop academic and social skills.

Meet our faculty >>

What would you like to learn? How do you know you’ve grown? How do you learn to overcome challenges by taking ownership over your experience?

Explore various interests, clubs, academic programs, campus resources and involvement opportunities?

Create a Titan support network by connecting with peers, faculty, and staff.

First Year Courses

The goal of EDUC-U 100 is to help IU South Bend students connect to other members of our Learning Community including instructors, peer mentors, and other students. Conditionally Admitted students are strongly recommended to enroll in EDUC-U 100, but all students can benefit from this course.

The Learning Communities we have created in EDUC-U 100 have helped many students to navigate the university and be successful in college.

First-Year Seminars are courses with smaller class sizes, providing an excellent chance to engage with faculty on a more personal basis and to fulfill at least one of your general education requirements

Titan Success Center Peer Mentors

TSC peer mentors assists in supporting incoming and current first-year students who are Early Start Summer Academy, Leadership Academy, Frank O’Bannon and 21st Century Scholars. The TSC peer mentors hold regular hours at the Titan Success Center. TSC peer mentors answer questions from incoming students, attend information sessions/recruitment events to share their experience with incoming students, help first-year students with pre-orientation and orientation. TSC peer mentors assess current students’ progress during the semester.

Come Talk to a Success Coach

Schedule time with your Success Coach—based on Last Name

Please contact the Titan Success Center office at
(574) 520-5050

Cynthia Murphy

Cynthia Murphy

(574) 520-4361
Administration 157

Titan Success Center Office

(574) 520-5050


Jessica Hale

Jessica Hale

(574) 520-4689


Erin Brown

Erin Brown

(574) 520-4263
Administration 152