Research Expense Grant

SMART Program | Research Expense Application

SECTION A : General Information

Include the following information in your application:

  1. Project Title
  2. Student Name
  3. Address, City/State/Zip
  4. E-mail Address
  5. Daytime Phone
  6. University ID
  7. Class Rank: Fr / So / Jr / Sr
  8. Your Major/Minor
  9. Expected Graduation Date
  10. Work Study? Research Required?
  11. Faculty Mentor/Department
  12. Type of project: Research project | Creative Project | Conference | Honors Thesis | Other
  13. How did you hear about this program? (if from a professor other than your mentor, include name and department)
  14. Have you previously been awarded an SMART Award? If YES, give Title of Project, Faculty Mentor, Semester/Year project was begun.
  15. Does your project required any research compliance approvals, e.g. animal, biosafety, and human subject? If so, these must be in place at the time of application.


Using non-technical language, please briefly explain what you wish to accomplish, and how the SMART Program can help. If you will need to travel, please give the reason, destination, dates, and number of nights. If the travel is for a conference or workshop and not to conduct research you should submit a SMART Travel Grant proposal.


What do you estimate your project to cost? In this proposal you can request funding for supplies, copying, travel for research, etc. Include a breakdown of the costs and a budget justification explaining what the item will be used for and how it is necessary to your project. The SMART committee consists of faculty from a variety of disciplines so your abstract and proposal need to be accessible to a general scholarly audience.

SECTION D : 2-5 Page proposal. Explain as fully as possible:
  1. Your research problem or creative objective
  2. The specific goals of your project
  3. Your methodology, if relevant
  4. The expected outcome
  5. The benefit of this project to yourself and/or others
  6. What steps you will need to take to achieve your project's goal
  7. When do you expect to complete each step

Include a brief bibliography you have begun or intend to follow.

There is no deadline for these proposals.

Your proposal should be submitted electronically to Erika Zynda (  Your mentor's letter should be sent by email to the same address.