Self-Evaluation Guidelines

The following questions should be answered in the form of an essay in which you discuss each aspect of your work as outlined below. If you worked on a group project, each group member should fill out a separate self-evaluation. Make sure to include your name, the name of the project, and the dates over which the project extended. The objective of this evaluation is for you to reflect on what you have learned in this research project, and how your learning is related to the activities in which you have engaged.

  • Summarize the research objective, and the issues that you explored.
  • Summarize the activities that you were engaged in to perform the research.
  • Summarize the skills, knowledge, and strategies that you employed to complete the research.
  • To what extent did this project require the employment of new knowledge (skills, strategies)? How did you obtain this knowledge?
  • What was the most discouraging aspect or event of this project? What was the most enjoyable?
  • How did this project affect your image of yourself as a researcher in your field?
  • If you had do to it over again, what would you do differently? What would you do the same?
  • Approximately how many hours did you spend on this project?
  • Were you compensated for this project other than through this award, i.e. work study, etc?
  • Any additional comments?