SMART Conference Presentation Travel Grant


SECTION A: General Information

Please include the following information in your application:

  1. Project Title
  2. Student Name
  3. Email Address
  4. University ID
  5. Class Rank: Fr / So / Jr / Sr
  6. Your Major/Minor
  7. Expected Graduation Date
  8. Work Study? Research Required?
  9. Name, department, and email contact for your faculty mentor
  10. How did you hear about this program? (if from a professor other than your mentor, include name and department)
  11. Have you previously been awarded an SMART Award? If YES, give Title of Project, Faculty Mentor, Semester/Year project was begun.

SECTION B: Conference Information

Please provide information about the conference and your presentation:

  1. Name of conference and web address for the conference
  2. Location of conference
  3. Dates you propose to travel and number of days for which you are requesting funding
  4. Title of conference presentation (if there is a title)
  5. Names of all co-authors (if any)
  6. Briefly describe your presentation. If you have submitted an abstract or summary of your presentation as a part of the conference registration process, then please use that abstract or summary as your description. Otherwise, please describe the nature of the research or creative activity and your involvement in the project being presented.
  7. Briefly describe additional benefits you expect to get from the conference. In addition to your presentation or performance, what are you planning to do at the conference and why? How do those activities correlate with your educational or professional goals?


What do you estimate your project to cost?  Break down the costs as fully as possible using the categories listed below. For each category, provide a brief explanation or justification. The SMART Committee will not fund meals or per diem for student travel. For help with the budget, we urge students to work with their faculty mentors.

  1. Transportation costs - air or rail ticket price (give name of airline or rail service), auto rental cost (give name of auto rental company), or mileage for use of personal vehicle.
  2. Registration fee
  3. Lodging
  4. Other relevant expenses

SECTION D: Conference Confirmation

Please include the email or letter from the conference organizers confirming acceptance of your presentation or performance.

Your full proposal should be submitted electronically to Erika Zynda as a PDF. Your mentor's letter should be sent by email to the same address.