Research Project Initiation Grant Application

How to Apply for a Research Project Inititation Grant

A complete application will include the following, clearly labeled:

  • Completed and signed Proposal Route Sheet
  • Abstract: A 250-400 word summary of the proposal.
  • Proposal narrative answering the following questions:
    1. What is the project intended to accomplish (objectives, significance)?
    2. How does this project fit into current research in the area (include brief lit review)?
    3. What methods will you use to obtain the project's objective or answer the research question? If appropriate include a data analysis plan.
    4. What activities are planned? If this is a collaborative project the applicant should clearly specify his/her role and activities under the grant in relation to other participants.
    5. What outcomes do you expect? How will the results be disseminated?
    6. What qualifications do you bring to the position as grant director?
    7. What previous grants (IU South Bend and external) have you received, what resulted from those projects?
    8. What efforts are underway to obtain additional funding for this project?
  • Detailed budget and budget justification. Include all items necessary to complete the project, including but not limited to summer salary, travel, supplies, equipment, and subcontracts. Indicate budget costs supported by department/division or other sources. Travel rates and other items for budget consideration can be found on our website. Summer salary requests should be based on the salary rate in place at the time the proposal is submitted and shall not exceed two months over the period of the grant and must include Fringe Benefits (27% of salary request) as a budget line item.
  • If your research involves human subjects, you speak to when you will seek IRB approval and any award will be contingent on IRB approval being received. If you are conducting a survey or questionnaire, please include a copy of your instrument.
  • Two letters of support addressed to the Contracts and Grants Coordinator ( At least one letter of support must be from someone outside IU South Bend who is qualified to discuss the proposal's merits. Letters of support do not require original signatures but should be sent from the author's e-mail account.
  • Current curriculum vitae (electronic version preferred).

Application Format

Submit the following:

  • a completed and signed Proposal Route Sheet
  • a memorandum (2 pages maximum) describing the proposed project or creative activity to be initiated including the following:
  • context (be sure to discuss the new direction for your research or creative activity)
  • objectives
  • methodology
  • potential to stimulate additional work for dissemination and/or external funding
  • a budget
  • a curriculum vitae (10 pages maximum)
  • a copy of your IRB approval if appropriate