Research and Development Committee

IU South Bend faculty members conduct important research that betters the community, the state, and the world. The Office of Research coordinates a variety of activities in support of this research and creative work of the faculty.

From research grant guidelines to how to manage the risks associated with research using human and animal subjects, the Office of Research is the place to go for the latest research-related information.

Please contact the Office of Research if you have questions about the services offered.

Erika Zynda, Contracts and Grants Coordinator

  • Administration Building Room 247
  • Phone: (574) 520-4181
  • Fax: (574) 520-5549
  • E-mail:

Funding Opportunities

There are many funding opportunites available to faculty at Indiana University; both internally (within IU South Bend and the IU system) and externally.

  • Internal IU South Bend Grants
    Grants administered by the Research and Development Committee
    • Faculty Research Grants
    • Curriculum Development Grants
    • SEED grants
    • Regional Campus Research Programs (formerly Intercampus Research Fund Programs)

    Grants administered by other IU South Bend departments include:
    • Faculty Development Grants | University Center for Excellence in Teaching (UCET)
    • FACET MACK Fellowship
    • Distance Learning Course Development Grants | Center for Online Education
    • Teaching with Technology Grants | Center for Online Education
    • Associate Faculty Development Grants
    • Higher Learning Commission Vision 2020 Grants Program
  • Opportunities within Indiana University

    Indiana University offers the following internal funding opportunities open to faculty university-wide.

    • Grand Challenges Program
    • President's International Research Awards
    • New Frontiers in Arts and Humanities
    • Indiana University Collaborative Research Grants
    • Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute Funding Opportunities
  • International Programs

    Faculty and visiting scholars are at the heart of IU’s international efforts. Hundreds of IU faculty members are globally engaged; more than 350 work on global and international issues at IU Bloomington alone. And each year IU welcomes more than 1,100 international scholars from all over the world.

    OVPIA supports faculty research and teaching through partnerships with institutions of higher education overseas, exchange programs, grants, services to international scholars and their families, support for developing study abroad programs, and tools for navigating the policies and procedures governing international activities.

Research Incentive Plan

In Academic Year 1996-97 the Research and Development Committee proposed the Research Incentive Plan (RIP) and it was approved by the administration. The RIP provides for the redistribution of an amount equal to recovered indirect costs as a direct support for research or creative activities, or as an incentive for the development of programs with external funding potential. See Details >>

Account Management

All funds in any university account belong to the university. All property purchased with funds in any university account belong to the university.

As the account manager YOU are responsible for initiating and monitoring expenditures within your account following all policies of IU. Erika Zynda will be acting as Fiscal Officer on all research related accounts.

Monthly emails will point you to your electronic statement of account (instructions for monitoring your Monthly Operating Statement on the Indiana University Information Environment (IUIE). If you are not already registered for this system go to the IUIE Registration page and register now. Since normal accounting procedures sometimes delay the appearance of an encumbrance on a statement I suggest that you keep a separate record of expenditures to avoid overspending the account (sample spreadsheet). All overdrafts must be covered by the account manager.

To find the reports on any account you are manager of click here.

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