Center for Online Education

What is Online Education

Welcome to Online Education at IU South Bend. You will find information about courses and programs that are offered, how to apply to the university, what to do after you've applied, and how to find help for whatever issues you may encounter as an online student at IU South Bend. Explore the links below.

Insights from Students

Do you want to know more about taking classes online? Take a few minutes to watch a short video from our students. To watch with subtitles, click on the CC white button below the image.

How can I tell if I'm ready to take an online course?

Online students have found the following characteristics essential for online success:

  • the ability to be self-motivated
  • have good computer literacy
  • have good time management
  • have an ability to organize and work independently

Students can find out if they are ready to take an online course by completing the Student Readiness Survey (aka IU Ready).

Distance Education (Hybrid and Online Courses) Fees

Students taking a hybrid or online course pay a distance education fee. The Bursar’s office will add this fee to the student’s bill. The fee structure is as follows:


How can I get technical assistance?

Instructor (Course Specific)

If there is a problem with a specific course or a link, document, etc. with an online course, please contact your instructor for assistance and report the problem.