Tips for Students

Resources such as Syllabus, Readings, Lecture Recordings and Discussion Forums are easily accessible using the course management system and/or websites.

Keep a paper copy of your syllabus and refer to it often; especially the calendar and due dates.  If you lose your syllabus, you can always find it again in your online course site. 

Keep in mind there are deadlines. While there is flexibility in online courses (for example, when to view the lecture recordings, read the assignments, etc.), there are still deadlines that all students need to meet. These deadlines include when assignments have to be submitted, when exams need to be taken, and when the weekly schedule of activities should have been completed.

Maintain a separate calendar of all your on-campus and online courses, and a weekly list of the assignments due for each one.

Remember, you need to manage your time effectively and efficiently. Just as in your on-campus courses, if you lag behind it will be difficult to catch up so keep on top of your course activities, readings, listening to recordings, and deadlines.