Memorandum of Understanding

Online Course Development Grant Memorandum of Understanding

Center for Online Education consultants will work closely with the funded faculty course developer to design a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that outlines the technological, instructional design and pedagogical strategies that will be used to successfully develop and teach the course. The MOU also includes the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved, including the department chair/director and/or dean. A scope of work and timeline for course development and delivery will be included with the MOU.

As a funded course developer, you will be involved in the following activities:

During course development:

  • apply the Quality Matters Rubric Standards for course development
  • faculty members will attend a nine-week Hybrid Online Course Development Seminar offered by the Center for Online Education and the University Center for Excellence in Teaching (two meetings on campus - first and ninth weeks, seven weeks online). Funded course developers will participate in on-campus and online sessions by posting in the discussion forums and reviewing resources in our seminar Canvas site. The goal of the face-to-face and online sessions is to provide faculty members with resources they could use as they develop and teach their courses. It is also meant to give them a good understanding of how students interact with one another by providing them with a model for a course and for participation as students themselves.
  • Use the technological tools described in the Teaching with Technology section of their signed Memorandum of Understanding
  • Add usernames of COE and UCET staff as provided by the UCET staff in Canvas course sites

Before the start and during the semester that you’re teaching the course:

  • complete a course assessment guided by Quality Matters Rubric and Standards. Faculty course developer and staff will coordinate the completion of this assessment before course is taught.
  • collaborate with course developer's department to make a best effort to recruit students to take the course so that it runs during the semester(s) it is offered by the Registrar’s Office
  • require students to complete the Online Education Readiness Survey (IU-Ready for Online) prior to the first day of class (
  • provide students with tutorials on using Canvas and other topics, and resources from the IU Knowledge Base
  • apply the Quality Matters Rubric Standards when teaching the course

  • provide students with several resources (e.g., recorded lectures) highlighting topics covered during the face-to-face first day of class as a review for those who were absent or need a refresher

  • conduct the Formative Evaluation; the three questions will be provided by UCET staff (strongly encouraged)

  • administer the Online Education Student Program Evaluation provided by UCET staff

  • collaborate with department to make a best effort to offer the course at least three more semesters after the initial course offering