Institutional Research Report Options

Official IU South Bend Fact Book

Link to University Institutional Research and Reporting to obtain statistics on Indiana University, IU South Bend, and all campuses for 1996 through 2016.

Selection defaults to 2016-2017; however, previous years can be selected on the [SELECT A DIFFERENT YEAR] dropdown

IU South Bend Dashboard

The IU South Bend Dashboards provide headcount and credit hours data by school and academic department.

Admission Report

The Admission Report provides information on the number of applicants, admits, and enrollees at a primary Plan One (major )level.

Course Enrollment Management Report

The goal of the COURSE ENROLLMENT MANAGEMENT REPORT is to help academic units to track their course enrollment in a more efficient and accessible way. The data for the fall 2016 will be updated on a regular bases (possibly on a daily bases). The historical data was added just to give the user of this data a historical perspective.

  • On the right side of the report, you will have the option to select course academic organization (Department).
  • The first bar/navigator  “RATIO OF ENROLLMENT TO CAPACITY” shows the ratio (%) of actual enrollment to enrollment capacity. Only active and  lecture courses are reported. The data is reported at a course level. If a course has multiple sections, only the aggregate ratio is reported. If the number is reported in red, that indicates the actual enrollment is below 50% of the capacity.
  • The second tab/navigator  “TOTAL ENROLLMENT NUMBER” shows the actual enrollment numbers at a course level. If there are two or more sections for a given course, the numbers reflect the total enrollment in all of the sections. If the number is in a red color, that means the actual enrollment in comparison to the total enrollment capacity is below 50%

Requesting Information

The Office of Institutional Research provides institutional information about IU South Bend. For all additional information not provided in the Reporting and Analysis section, please complete the linked form to submit your information request.

An IR staff member will contact you after submission of your request to verify information requested and completion date needed.

Requests will usually be completed within five business days of verification of information needed. Allow for ample planning as there may be delays based on IR workload and/or complexity of requested information.