Graduate Student Research, Service, and Leadership Grant

Who should I contact?

Indiana University South Bend provides funding on a competitive basis to support graduate student research, service, and leadership (RSL) projects. Full- and part-time graduate students who are enrolled in a graduate degree program are eligible and are encouraged to apply for grants. Special, non-degree graduate students are not eligible for this program. Students must be registered for a minimum of one graduate credit during the term (summer or semester) following the semester of the grant award.

If your proposal is not funded during one funding cycle, it may be resubmitted for a subsequent funding cycle. The Graduate Council equally welcomes single or multidisciplinary proposals, and multiple student investigators may submit a single proposal and work collaboratively on one research, service, or educational leadership project.

Applicants whose research involves human subjects, animals, and/or bio-safety requirements must provide documentation of prior approval by the appropriate University review body.

All proposals must be reviewed and endorsed by the faculty mentor and submitted to the Graduate Council for review and action. Funds may also be used to support work which is part of an Master's Thesis project.