Contemporary Social Values

One course must be taken from each of the following three areas (as designated in the Schedule of Classes):

  • Non-Western Cultures
  • Diversity in United States Society
  • Health and Wellness (2 cr.)

Faculty wishing to submit proposals to create a General Education requirement course for a Contemporary Social Values course must follow one of the following set of instructions.

  1. Review the description of the appropriate general education course category. See below.
  2. Fill out the course approval form and draft a proposed syllabus.
  3. Submit the course proposal form along with the proposed syllabus in electronic form to

Step I | CARMin New Course Approval  Process
  • Check with the person in your unit (chair, unit head) about obtaining a course number for use on this campus. You can also call MaryAnn Iaria(812-855-2218) to reserve a course number for use at IU South Bend.
  • Once the course number has been reserved, submit a new course request through CARMin:
  • Log into One.IU
  • Select [SERVICES]
  • Initiate a new course/change course request
  • Upon submission to CARMin, the course proposal will go through the campus approval process (unit chair/area coordinator, unit curriculum committee, unit dean, General Education Committee, Senate Curriculum Committee, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affair’s office).
  • Before final approval of the new course number is complete at the campus-level, it is then submitted for remonstrance for a 30 day period to all the IU campuses.
Step II | General Education Committee Approval Process

At the time you are submitting the new course approval forms to CARMin, you should also be working on the General Education Course Approval procedures outlined above. The General Education course approval documents should be submitted to the Senate General Education Committee once the new course proposal has been approved by your unit Curriculum Committee. Because the forms are different for CARMin and General Education approval, it is important that you keep track of where your course proposal is in the approval process. General Education courses requiring new numbers will not be reviewed by the Senate General Education committee until notification of their approval by the unit Curriculum Committee has been received by the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs' office. Once the course has been approved by the Senate General Education Committee, it will be forwarded to the Senate Curriculum Committee to continue its remonstrance process.

If the requested course is new for IU South Bend, but already exists in the IU Master Course Inventory (it is a course offered at another IU campus; but has not been offered at IU South Bend); called a Matching Course:

  • Log into One.IU
  • Select [SERVICES]