Bulletin Preparation

It's that time again!

The campus bulletin is, what I describe as, "the bible of the campus!" All information in the campus bulletin is edited annually and contains all rules, regulations, policies, degree requirements, official course descriptions, and lists of faculty, administration, and emeritus faculty. The campus bulletin is the official contract with the student; and therefore, requires the information to be concise and correct.

It is imperative that all information provided is correct; and that pages are proofed carefully to ensure that the student is provided with only factual information.

Please follow the guidelines provided on this site.

Important Correspondence with Departmental Editors

Good morning! 

I trust you are all enjoyed the summer—having had time to spend with family and friends.

Before we get started (once again) with editing the 2020-2021 Campus Bulletin, I wanted to (once again) pass on an editing idea that has been used by Karen Christopher (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) for the past couple of years.

Karen has been printing out PDFs for ALL relevant pages to CLAS (accreditation, department information, degree requirements, course descriptions, administrative staff, etc.); and when a change occurs, a note is made to the PDF. Therefore, when the time comes to submit all changes (to me) for the upcoming bulletin, the edits are already made. This has helped to provide needed changes in a very timely and efficient matter.

This year, we are utilizing a BOX folder to hold all edits—both from the editor and myself (to proof the requested change/s against the appropriate linked page/s). PDF files will not be emailed to me; but rather uploaded to the folder. I will receive a link when a new file has been added—as will you when I have uploaded the page to proof. Most editors will have received the link to the BOX for their edits.

Since there are hundreds of pages in the bulletin, we request that the following naming convention be used (as in past years):

2021-arts-arts-info-DATESENT-INITIALS.pdf. [for instance, 2021-arts-arts-info-081919-mc.pdf]

This will help me identify which pages have been edited 

I will then upload the page when complete to the folder with the name. Once that is done, please be sure to proof the page against the appropriate hyperlink in the test site. 


Please follow the instructions (below) to print pages to PDFs (please do not use the PDF copy of the bulletin that is linked to the online bulletin):

  • In your browser, go to the IU South Bend Bulletin 2020-2021 (https://test.bulletins.iu.edu/iusb/2020-2021/) and then navigate to the pages that pertain to your unit using the tabs titled Main Index/SES, Service; Raclin Arts; Business; Education; Health Sciences; Liberal Arts; Social Work; Graduate Studies; Purdue …)
  • Go to the page which needs to be edited (from the hyperlink)
  • On the browser file menu, select [FILE] [PRINT]
  • From the menu, select [SAVE AS PDF]
  • Give the file a name (see above). Once named, select the [SAVE] button 

Edits can be made to the pages in one of two ways:

  • Using Adobe Acrobat, use the tools available to note edits
  • If extensive changes are required in one paragraph, a document (WORD) can be attached to the PDF

Doug and I would be more than happy to hold sessions to help you with the process, including how to create and modify PDFs.  Just let us know.

Please also make note of the featured student on each of the pages—I have reviewed each student’s record to ensure they have not yet graduate/still enrolled; however, many students are listed as Projected Seniors. Since these students would have graduated by the time to 2020-2021 bulletin is published, a new student would be needed. Please mention on the PDF whether a new student will be needed—with a possible list of replacement/s. 

The bulletin details the requirements students must meet for their degrees. Once published, the requirements and policy can’t be changed until the following academic year. Therefore, it is important that all changes be made prior to the bulletin being published. Please know that the bulletin will be published one month earlier than in previous year—therefore, the deadlines to submit changes, proof corrections, and finalize have been adjusted accordingly. To help facilitate the process, we request first edits be completed by September 30th. 

If there is a change in the appropriate bulletin editor for 2020-2021, please let me know so the editor list can be changed.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks much,


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