Minutes 11/10/2017

Meeting Minutes | November 10, 2017

  • Susan Cress
  • Linda Fisher
  • Jason Resler
  • Matt Shockey

  • Minutes–October minutes were approved by consensus
  • Susan shared results from the "Where we are in 1617" submissions
  • General Education evaluation | general education has not been formally evaluated in the Taskstream system. Information in the General Education repository workspace dates back to 15/16. No new information is available while the General Education Taskforce is planning the
    new requirements.
  • Budget update | no money was used last month outside of the usual budgeted items
  • Conference updates | Jason shared some of the information gathered at the IUPUI conference. Most useful was the information pertaining to the assessment of the arts. We will look at the budget next month to see if thre are funds available to pay for teh assessment committee member to attend the HLC conference in March.
  • Ideas for possible series of program or department assessment institutes were discussed. Departmental offerings of help by the assessment coordinator seem to be the best course of action at this time.
  • Taskstream Reviews | we discussed comments on teh reviews and the continued need to work through some of teh technical problems with the Taskstream system such as hiding outcomes not used during a cycle and linking findings to actions. If a reviewer is not sure of a comment or a rating they can send it to "submit later" and Susan will look at it and make a judgement on the numerical rating, or comment as appropriate.