Minutes 11/05/2018

Meeting Minutes | November 5, 2018

  • Matt Shockey (chair)
  • Michelle Bakerson (Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs)
  • Linda Fisher
  • Kevin Griffith (SES)
  • Tony Randles
  • Jason Resler
  • Kathy Ritchie
  • Yu Song (Campus Assesment Coorinator)
  • David Tobey

  • Tabling Agenda Item #2 regarding changes to the Constitution that would allow for official participation by a representative of the co-curricular units until we hear back from Senate folks (Follow-up note: Matt S. ran into Senate president Raman A. on the way out of Northside and got an update – the Executive Committee has sent language to the ad hoc constitution revision committee that would allow for the relevant participation. Some question remains as to who would appoint the representative; we agreed it should be the Chancellor, since there are co-curricular units under different vice-chancellors.)

  • Agenda Item #1: we voted to approve the grant application from Terry Shepherd; we (loosely) agreed that money shouldn’t just be for regular program review work, but that we would consider applications where the grant money was for faculty (summer) salary if they were otherwise meritorious.

  • Agenda Item #3, Yu: only 10 programs not yet submitted, 56 (?) have done so, with Health Sciences doing the best; Yu and Susan C. have been doing training; each committee member will do 5-6 programs, the whole program (not more than one person per program, as was sometimes done in the past); members will be assigned programs outside of their unit; negative reviews may be forwarded to Yu so comments are put in as coming from the Taskstream manager; reviews should be completed by the end of November

  • A question was raised as to how many meetings we are required to have. (Follow-up note: there is nothing in the Senate Constitution that specifies a particular number.