Minutes 10/13/2017

Meeting Minutes | October 13, 2017

  • Susan Cress
  • Kevin Griffith
  • LeAnna LaLime
  • Jason Resler
  • Matt Shockey

  • September Minutes: Motion Approved
  • Taskstream Reviews:  All workspaces in Taskstream  will be ready for review on October 24. The purpose of the meeting was to walk through the review process. Susan went through the directions for review. The written directions were also attached in a meeting announcement and distributed in hard copy at the meeting. The emphasis on the review is to see if each section meets all requirements on each section of the rubric. If a “3” is not received on any component reviewers are encouraged to comment on what is missing from that section of the assessment plan.
  • Susan also mentioned that the Senate side of the committee is lacking members, so if members know someone who is interested they can contact the Executive Committee of the Senate.