Minutes 09/07/2017

Meeting Minutes | September 7, 2017

  • Susan Cress
  • Linda Fisher
  • LeAnna LaLime
  • Jason Resler
  • Terry Shepherd
  • Bini Tesfamariam
  • Ganesh Vaidyanathan

  • Electing Electing a chair – LeeAnna agreed to chair the committee
  • Final Report – Deans and directors meeting. Susan presented a table with the status of assessment reporting progress from Taskstream. She will present this at the Deans and directors meeting next week. This table will also be added to Criterion 4 in the HLC assurance dashboard.
  • Next Due Dates – October 23 is the lockdown date for Taskstream
  • Timeline – Susan presented the timeline with corrections. She will edit the timeline and send it out to the committee.
  • Budget – conference in October. Susan suggested the Assessment committee members may want to attend the IUPUI Assessment Institute in October. There is money in the budget to cover registration, hotel, travel and per diem costs. Susan will send an email to the Assessment committee members about the conference.
  • Other
    • Graduate goals have been available in Taskstream , but linking to the will be a a concerted effort for this cycle. Currently, five programs link to these goals. Some programs are linking to professional education goals
    • General Education - Given that the General Education taskforce is working on presenting a newly revised general education program, and that we are a LEAP campus, Susan is pushing for the transition from mapping workspace goals to Gen Ed to LEAP learning outcomes. They are both in Taskstream. The assessment committee