Minutes 04/13/2018

Meeting Minutes | April 13, 2018

  • Susan Cress
  • Kevin Griffith
  • LeAnna LaLime
  • Matt Shockey

  1. Review of budget
  2. Discussion about future of Senate Assessment Committee
    1. Concerns sent to Dr. Joseph, at this time, no known action from Chancellor’s office
  3. Community Engagement
    1. Committee decided questions should be department and co-curricular programs rather than units
  4. Taskstream
    1. Remove question 2 and Gen Ed question as they are redundant and unnecessary.
    2. Create separate workspace for Certificate Programs.
  5. HLC
    1. The Campus needs to submit information and data on General Education and Certificate Program Assessments
    2. Program assessment (not handled by Senate Assessment Committee)
  6. Summer Program Review
    1. Continuing committee members present agreed to do summer review of plans submitted.
  7. End of year report
    1. Susan Cress has agreed to write end of year report and stays on as Assessment Coordinator, if necessary and approved, until July 1st