Minutes 01/12/2018

Meeting Minutes | January 12, 2018

  • LeAnna LaLime (chair)
  • Susan Cress (assessment coordinator)
  • Linda Fisher
  • Terry Shepherd

  • HLC and Assessment | Reminder to keep Jan. 29 and 30 available to possibly meet with the team. Members are reminded to read Criterion 4 and contact Susan or Linda with any questions
  • Financial update | Monies spent outside of regular expenses –sending one committee member to the Assessment Conference in Indianapolis
  • Minutes from last meeting | Approved by consensus
  • Information about next year and the assessment position
    • Discussion about changes in assessment office
    • Information provided
      • After submitting a revised (slight revisions as shown last week) to faculty position, members of the Academic Affairs cabinet met and revised the assessment situation
      • New IR person, their assistant and half-time staff/secretary position will support and coordinate assessment activities along with assistance from the Senate Assessment Committee
    • Discussion
      • Concern among the committee about whether this is feasible and possible repercussions of not having a faculty member to help with assessment activities.
    • Next step
      • Susan will share concerns with VCAA Joseph at their next meeting in late January.
  • Website | the new website has just the two most recent reports. The committee recommends 3 years of data be posted. Susan will work with Teresa Shepperd on this.