Academic Advising

University-Wide Academic Advising

Academic advising is a critical partner in fostering your success at IU South Bend and beyond as you transition into a career, graduate school, or wherever your choices and opportunities lead you. This site contains important information about success coaching academic advising resources available at IU South Bend. In addition, you can link to resources across the University to help explore academic majors and careers, find important student support services, and connect with important academic advising tools.

I encourage you to explore the Advising Links to learn more about how Academic Advising can help you toward achieving your goals. I also encourage you to visit a success coach and advisor periodically (3-4 times a year), so they can help you map out your best path for completing all degree requirements. Through collaborative relationships with success coaches and academic advisors, students are encouraged and supported as they develop the skills necessary to take responsibility for their own development and success. Your coach and advisor will provide accurate and timely information regarding academic requirements, university resources, and opportunities to develop critical thinking skills that will enrich your college experience.

What is a ... Success Coach

Titan Success Coaches promote access, success, and graduation from college by building relationships with students early in their academic career during the transition from high school to college. Our coaches apply a strengths-based and resiliency framework to guide, mentor, and coach students through academic, personal, and social barriers they encounter in college.  Success Coaches, focus our efforts on explaining and clarifying college processes and policies for first-semester/first-year students, Early Start Summer Academy, Leadership Academy, 21st Century Scholars, Frank O'Bannon Scholars, Renaissance Scholars and conditional admits

What is a ... First Generation Student

First-generation college student is defined as neither parent of the student having ever graduated from a four-year institution of higher education.

What is Advising

Indiana University South Bend recognizes that advising is an integral part of a college education. The advising process establishes a collaborative relationship between student, success coaches and academic advisors in which the student feels a sense of connection, support, and guidance. Effective advising is developmental. It responds to, and creates, growth and change within the student. Advising encourages students to think critically, seek out resources, and develop action plans. It provides students with the information and encouragement they need to take personal responsibility for exploring options and making decisions. Ultimately, advising allows each student to achieve a meaningful and successful educational experience.

How to make advising work
  • Determine the name and location of your success coach/Titan Success Center and academic advisor/advising center.
  • Make an appointment with your success coach and academic advisor during your first semester.
  • Prepare a list of questions and topics of discussion for your advisor.
  • Read advising emails sent to you throughout the semester.
  • Become familiar with the academic calendar and IU South Bend policies and procedures.
  • Know how to calculate your grade point average (GPA).
  • Review your next semester schedule and develop an academic plan for the next registration cycle.
  • Learn how to read your degree map and degree requirements.
  • Become familiar with your learning style and study skills.
  • Get to know at least one faculty member.

Questions to Ask Your Advisor

Roles and Responsibilities of ...