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Advising at IU

Your ABC Transfer Specialist will assist you with transfer advice, course selection, and personalized academic planning to complete both your associate and bachelor's degrees in a minimum number of terms. As you are in the final stages of your associate degree, the transfer specialist will introduce you (in person or virtually) to your major advisor—a member of the IU South Bend faculty or staff. We want to ensure you remain on the right track, so we require you to meet with your ABC Transfer Specialist at least once per semester.

Your ABC Transfer Specialist also will connect you to IU’s financial literacy module and to financial counselors. This will help you plan your finances to graduate on time and with minimal debt.

Your ABC Transfer Specialist also will connect you to career counseling services. Early career advising will help you to minimize the number of courses that won’t apply to your chosen degree and may provide opportunities for early internships or even job opportunities in your chosen field.

At IU South Bend, your ABC Program Transfer Specialist is


Brenna Giazzon
(574) 520-5030

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