The Hiring Process

In an effort to streamline and create an easier way to process the submission of recruitment forms, the Office of Affirmative Action in conjunction with the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs office have created a group of electronic documents for use by IU departments. The OAA eDocs will allow departments to present their information in an easy to use and thorough fashion that will then be electronically routed onto the School/RC, the Office of Affirmative Action, and the VPFA/VCAA for review and approval.

Follow these steps to complete the VACANCY NOTICE "e-doc"

  • In One.IU, search for the VACANCY NOTICE EDOC (in the SEARCH box)

  • From the SEARCH results, select [VACANCY NOTICE Academic Position Search]

  • Click on [START] to access the eDoc

  • Fill out the eDoc using the linked documentation (below) to complete necessary fields
  • When completing the field for SALARY GRADE, please ensure that the correct coding is used (salary grade documentation)
  • The TEXT OF VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT must include the qualifications required, as well as all documents needed to complete the application packet. A list of possible documents is available. It should be noted that the CV, letter of application, an unofficial undergraduate and graduate transcript, and a list of references are implied. Reference letters are not accepted directly from a candidate and must be requested through the PeopleAdmin system.
  • Once the eDoc is completed and approved by all necessary persons (Dean, Affirmative Action representative, Academic Affairs representative), the PeopleAdmin posting is formally created and returned, via email, to the person completing the eDoc for approval. The email will also include the OAA# which will be used in all communication regarding the position. Please know that until the posting is approved, it will not be posted.
  • Following approval and formal posting, the Office of Academic Affairs will post the position on the Academic Affairs website. If the HERC category is noted on the edoc, the position will also be posted to the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium website. Posting is automatically generated to


Vacancy Notice Documentation >>

To complete the INTERVIEW REQUEST, complete the steps noted in VACANCY NOTICE, using the INTERVIEW REQUEST search criteria

IMPORTANT NOTE | It should be noted that initial interviews (phone, Skype, etc.) do not require rationale regarding the selection of those to be interviewed. Once received, the candidates to be interviewed will be coded as [LONG LIST] in PeopleAdmin. At the point where the final candidates are selected for the CAMPUS INTERVIEW, a list of rationale is required and will be attached as a PDF file in the NOTES on the INTERVIEW REQUEST.

Interview Request Documentation >>

To complete the OFFER REQUEST, complete the steps noted in VACANCY NOTICE, using the OFFER REQUEST search criteria

Offer Request Documentation >>

On occasion, an eDoc seems to be delayed when going through the approval routing; this is often because it is stalled in an approver's InBox.

To check on where an eDoc is in the approval routing process, the following instructions should be followed:

  • At One.IU, type [VACANCY NOTICE] in the search box
  • Select [SEARCH VACANCY NOTICE DOCUMENTS ONLY] from the search selections
  • In the next screen, enter necessary information. The DOCUMENT ID will be used to locate VACANCY NOTICE (an OAA# will not be generated until entered into the PeopleAdmin system).
  • Clicking on the SEARCH button will generate a list of possible documents; click on the ROUTE LOG (far right) to review
  • The [PENDING ACTION REQUESTS] to identify where the eDoc is "sitting" and requiring approval.