Associate Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award

The Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs encourages College, School, and Division Deans/Directors/Chairs to nominate excellent teachers for the Indiana University South Bend Associate Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award. Nomination of faculty for this award shall be an agenda item for the Academic Cabinet at the first meeting of each Spring Semester.

  • Eligibility and Nomination

    Any Indiana University South Bend associate faculty member who has taught the equivalent of six years is eligible for nomination (Two terms (semester or summer session within the academic year) comprise one year of teaching.) Those faculty members who currently teach at IU South Bend who have received Merit Status can also be nominated by any administrator or other faculty member. Self-nominations will not be considered. The nomination will be in the form of a letter to the nominated faculty members College, School, or Division Dean, Director or Chair, who will then determine whether the faculty members wishes to be nominated. Nominations are due in the office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs by April 4 of each year. If the associate faculty member wishes to accept the nomination, a list of suggested materials and a timetable for teaching portfolio completion will be provided from the office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

    The nominee shall have primary responsibility for assembling the teaching portfolio with the exception of inclusion of solicited letters of reference. Solicited letters are to be requested by the nominee’s college, school, or division dean/director/chair. The Director of University Center for Excellence in Teaching (UCET) will serve as consultant to all nominees so as to ensure the strongest possible presentation of the teaching portfolio.

    Once the portfolio is completed and solicited letters have been received, the letters and portfolio are to be sent to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Solicited letters are to remain confidential.

  • Selection Committee

    The Indiana University South Bend Associate Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award Selection Committee shall be composed of five faculty members, who will include four full-time faculty members and at least one associate faculty member. One of the members shall be the chairperson of the Academic Senate Teaching Committee. If the chairperson cannot serve, the Academic Senate Teaching Committee shall elect any of its remaining members to serve in this capacity. One member shall be a previous Distinguished Teaching Award winner (either a full-time faculty member or an associate faculty member), selected by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. One member shall be selected by the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate. The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs shall select the remaining two members of the Selection Committee.

  • Procedure

    The following timetable is suggested for the award selection procedure (with dates updated for 2017):

    • Reminder to the Academic Cabinet (January meeting).
    • Nominations due to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (April 1).
    • Creation of teaching portfolio: The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Director of UCET shall be available for consultation as necessary (April 2–August 14).
    • Completed teaching portfolio and one additional copy are provided to the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for evaluation (August 15).
    • Teaching portfolio provided to Selection Committee in early September.
    • Decision of Selection Committee (September 23).
    • Award winner(s) shall be announced at either the November or December Academic Senate Meeting.
  • The Award

    The award will be recognition by the IU South Bend faculty and administrators of distinguished teaching. The first public announcement of the award winner will be at the discretion of the Chancellor.

    Upon receiving the award, the recipient will receive a one-time monetary award of $1,000.

  • Award Frequency

    The selection committee shall consider nominations on an annual basis. Normally, no more than one award will be given per year. A recipient may receive this award only once.

    The selection committee shall have the right and the obligation not to grant a teaching award for the year if no candidate is an excellent teacher. This award should only go to exceptional teachers, and not be viewed as an award that good, but not excellent, teachers could plan on receiving. On the other hand, the Selection Committee should also have the right to select more than one award winner for the year if more than one nominee is truly excellent.

    The decisions of the Selection Committee are final and not subject to appeal.

  • Outline for Porfolio Preparation

    Sufficient information documenting teaching and excellence is critical to a positive decision in favor of the nominee. The submission of a portfolio that provides inadequate documentation will likely result in excellence not being recognized. For this reason, guidelines for portfolio inclusion are offered.This section provides information regarding both required and recommended supporting documentation that should be submitted as part of a nominee’s teaching portfolio. The following is a list of required and suggested supporting documentation:

    1. Table of contents.
    2. Resume or curriculum vitae of individual being nominated.
    3. Courses taught at Indiana University—listed by semester and enrollment.
    4. Self-analysis— describe any efforts undertaken to analyze teaching, with specific reference to self-improvement and student accomplishment in its broadest sense. It is recommended that the nominee include a statement about his/her teaching philosophy.
    5. Student evaluations of teaching-both numeric and written comments should be provided for a minimum of the last three to five preceding years. A random sample of student evaluations across the teaching career should be provided for all prior years. Include only summaries when student evaluation forms have been utilized. Do not include the actual student evaluation forms completed by students. Also include all unsolicited student evaluations as well.
    6. Peer evaluations - local and external - solicited and unsolicited.
    7. Examples of course syllabi, assignments, tests, quizzes, and hand outs.
    8. Administrative evaluations - indicate areas specific to teaching.
    9. Publications related to teaching - when possible include copies of publications.
    10. Systematic course or program development - includes materials or descriptions of effort and evaluation of data if available.
    11. Research related to teaching - list publications and submit abstracts. Include a copy of the published manuscript(s) related to teaching.
    12. Academic student advising and/or counseling-describe any unusual activities, such as working with students in special needs areas.

    Items 1-6 above are required material and shall be included for all portfolio submissions.Items 7-12 are highly recommended for inclusion in the portfolio. Submit the material in the order indicated above. All material submitted must be place in a single three-ring binder. An additional binder may be submitted with supporting evidence, but the case should be made in the main binder. The second binder is for additional supporting documentation only.

    Each binder shall contain appropriate transitional narrative to aid the Selection Committee in an understanding of the importance of the material provided in each section. For example, the section on student evaluations shall provide an opening statement regarding the procedure used to administer, collect, and return the evaluations to the faculty member. All other sections of the teaching portfolio shall also include appropriate transitional narrative.

    Any eligible associate faculty member who presents a teaching portfolio for consideration for the IU South Bend Associate Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award and is not selected as a winner will automatically be considered again the following year. The teaching portfolio shall include additional documentation for the second year of consideration. After being considered for two successive years, the faculty member must be re-nominated to be considered again.

  • Suggested Resources to Aid Teaching Portfolio Development

    Because an IU South Bend Associate Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award selection may be a candidate for an All-University Part-Time Teaching Award, it is recommended that each nominee follow the suggestions and guidelines as presented by the All-University Distinguished Teaching Awards Committee. A copy of these suggestions and guidelines can be obtained from the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

    For those who wish to be considered for an All-University Part-Time Teaching Award, one copy of the teaching portfolio shall be sent to IU Bloomington and one copy shall be kept in the office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

    As additional resource aids, it is highly recommended that the nominee 1) consult copies of the teaching portfolios of past IU South Bend Distinguished Teaching Award winners which are on file in the office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and/or UCET; and 2) consult with UCET on assistance in the preparation of the dossier.

  • All-University Part-Time Teaching Award

    In preparation for submission to IU Bloomington for the All-University Part-Time Teaching Award, the portfolio should be updated to include support letters from the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and appropriate College, School, or Academic Unit Dean/Director/Chair. The teaching portfolio would be submitted to IU Bloomington for consideration for the All-University Part-Time Teaching Award by October 10.