CARMin | Course Approval, Remontrance, Maintenance, and Integration

CARMIn is used to electronically submit all proposals for new courses and to make changes to attributes of courses, such as course descriptions, credit hours, method of instruction and other aspects of the course as it is listed in the IU system-wide catalog. CARMIn should be used to inactivate a course on the campus as well (using Course Change). 

A job aid describing how to initiate or approve a course request can be found at IT Training at IU.

When someone initiates a New Course or a Course Change edoc via CARMIn, the electronic document is automatically routed to the next person in the approval chain. The routing for IU South Bend includes the department/program, the unit curriculum committees, the Dean, and the campus curriculum committee.

Once approved by the Campus Curriculum Committee, course requests are required to be placed on a central university remonstrance list so that other units and campuses have an opportunity to review them. After the 30-day remonstrance period, they are routed to the Office of Academic Affairs for final approval.

Departments should exercise caution when they modify courses that might be in use on other campuses. Due to the shared system-wide Course Catalog, any change to a course initiated on the IU South Bend campus will impact the entire IU system. The only exceptions to this rule are requests to discontinue a course and/or to modify course prerequisites because such requests are local. Proposing a new course is sometimes less complicated than seeking significant revisions to a course already taught on multiple campuses. 

Prior to submission of a new course, be sure to reserve a new number for the course by contacting University Student Services and Systems—email:

Course remonstrance lists for Indiana University are posted at the beginning of each calendar month and remain available for comments, questions, etc. for 30 days.

To file a remonstrance regarding a particular course or to receive additional information about a course or program request, please contact Doug McMillen, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, at (574) 520-4222 by the deadline for the remonstrance.

For general information about course or program change issues, contact Doug McMillen at (574) 520-4222.

Link to instructions on INITIATING A COURSE REQUEST

  • under the heading "Course Approval and Remonstrance CARMin" select "Initiating a Course Request"

This process will show the steps an approver needs to take to approve a New Course request or a Change Course request.

Link to instructions on APPROVING A COURSE REQUEST

  • under the heading "Course Approval and Remonstrance CARMin" select "Approving a Course Request"
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